Feature Article: Ten Stories the World Should Hear More About (2006)

The UN released the "Stories the world should hear more about", for the year 2006.

Journalists are often inundated with stories, all competing for their -and the public's- attention. The aim of the stories is to make it easier for the press and the public, to see that important issues do not fade from the headlines."

The initiative, first launched in 2004, covers a spectrum of issues and geographical regions, some of which draw on troubling humanitarian emergencies and conflict situations, while others focus on such vital areas as human rights and development. The stories are:

  • Liberia: Development challenges top agenda as the nation recovers from years of civil strife
  • Lost in migration: Asylum seekers face challenges amid efforts to stem flows of illegal migrants
  • DR of Congo: As the country moves boldly towards historic vote, humanitarian concerns continue to demand attention
  • Nepal's hidden tragedy: Children caught in the conflict
  • Somalia: Security vacuum compounding effects of drought
  • Protracted refugee situations: Millions caught in limbo, with no solutions in sight
  • South Asian earthquake: Relief effort saves lives, stems losses, but reconstruction tasks loom large
  • Behind bars, beyond justice: An untold story of children in conflict with the law
  • From water wars to bridges of cooperation: Exploring the peace-building potential of a shared resource
  • Côte d'Ivoire: A strike away from igniting violence amidst a faltering peace process
Picture courtesy Irin
Source: The Road to the Horizon