Feature: 2007 Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories (MSF)

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF or Doctors without Borders) just published the Top Ten Under-reported humanitarian stories of the year 2007:

  • Displaced fleeing war in Somalia face a humanitarian crisis
  • Political and economic turmoil sparks health-care crisis in Zimbabwe
  • Drug-resistant Tuberculosis spreads as new drugs go untested
  • Expanded use of nutrient dense ready-to-use foods crucial for reducing childhood malnutrition
  • Civilians increasingly under fire in the Sri Lanka conflict
  • Conditions worsen in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Living precariously in Colombia’s conflict zones
  • Humanitarian aid restricted in Myanmar
  • Civilians caught between armed groups in the Central African Republic
  • As Chechen conflict ebbs, critical humanitarian needs still remain

The ten stories also come in pictures.

Picture courtesy Claude Mahoudeau/MSF. Source: The Road to the Horizon.